Honors Program - Eligibility and Probation

Continued Eligibility
To remain in good standing in the Honors program, students must:
•   Meet cumulative 3.5 GPA requirements.
• Exhibit academic and social integrity. A breach in acceptable conduct will, upon the recommendation of the Honors Committee, be cause for dismissal from the program. Examples of such cause for dismissal include academic dishonesty, i.e. plagiarism, cheating, or serious violations of state or federal law.
• Complete Honors courses. A grade of F for an honors-designated course or failure to complete the honors component of a contracted course is grounds for probation or dismissal.

Schreiner University expects its honors students to be actively involved in the program by taking ownership of it through planning and engaging in program activities and by exploring avenues for experiential learning. In addition, Honors students should strive toward these ideals:

• Exercising greater initiative and independence in order to foster a community of scholars
• Displaying an eagerness to learn in and out of the classroom
• Exhibiting integrity and ethical conduct
• Being willing to accept intellectual risks

Honors Probation
Students who fail to fulfill program standards will have one semester on Honors Academic Probation before being dismissed from the program. A student who has been dismissed from the program may appeal that decision by addressing a letter to the Honors Committee for consideration.

Opting Out of Honors
Since the program strives to retain its members, anyone opting out of Honors will be missed but will not experience penalties. Students opting out of the program must notify the Honors Program director in writing.