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Mountaineer Leadership Conference

MLC Leaders 2013

The Mountaineer Leadership Conference focuses on transforming leaders. The conference is open to sophomore, junior, and senior students. Each year a different theme associated with leadership is used to expand upon students’ understanding of leadership. The conference is meant to be an opportunity for students to grow in the area of leadership by actively engaging them in an environment that encourages leadership interaction. Students not only have an opportunity to receive knowledge about leadership from professionals but also have the opportunity to share their own understanding and knowledge about leadership with peers.

Many students are able to take what they learn from the conference and implement it within leadership positions they currently hold on campus. For students not currently involved in leadership positions, the experience they have at the conference inspires them to take on the responsibility of a leadership role on campus.

MLC 2013

The planning and implementation of the conference involves the collaborative efforts of professional staff, faculty, and student consultants. The student consultants are upperclassmen who work with professional staff and faculty to plan and implement all aspects of the conference. Through this experience, the student consultants transform their understanding of leadership by actively implementing leadership skills within a group dynamic to produce a desired outcome.

For questions regarding the conference, please contact  Dr. Matt Goodwyn, Assistant Dean of Students, at