SU Marketing

We are Schreiner University's central coordinating office for print advertising, broadcast advertising, branding and promotions. We also provide advice and assistance with marketing plans, strategic communications and community outreach partnerships.

The Marketing Department at SU ... 

  1. Conducts institutional image studies
  2. Ensures the sharing of its existing research and research tools within the University in order to maximize the use of University dollars
  3. Identifies marketing issues, challenges, and opportunities for the institution; 
  4. Coordinates Schreiner's presence in social media; and 
  5. Manages Schreiner's website. 

Our Marketing Campaign

Schreiner University conducts marketing campaigns aimed in the Central and South Texas. Our goal is to increase awareness of Schreiner University and interest in it. The campaign consists of TV and radio spots, billboards, print ads, and on-line multimedia.

tv ads Dr. Summerlin - YouTube
Schreiner's TV ads Schreiner's YouTube Channel
Schreiner in Print
Schreiner in Print