Our Rich History

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An independent and coeducational university, Schreiner has a colorful history rich with Texas heritage and traditions beginning in 1923 (click images above to enlarge).

Capt. SchreinerSchreiner was founded in that year when a Hill Country rancher, merchant and former Texas Ranger, Captain Charles Schreiner, asked the Presbyterian Church to help him put bricks, mortar, and people around a dream he had nurtured for many years. He donated land along the Guadalupe River and together they established "facilities for high grade instruction and military training to boys and young men as preparation for college and university work."  

Not a Presbyterian himself, it is said that Captain Schreiner chose to work with the Presbyterians because their charter most closely resembled the constitution of the United States.

Schreiner's first students came in 1923 from remote ranching communities. But news of the prep school and nurturing atmosphere spread quickly. Soon scores of young men from varied backgrounds, from the Southwest and several Central and South American countries, gathered in Kerrville to earn high school diplomas and junior college degrees.

By 1971 the military training was discontinued and the school became fully coeducational.

In 1973 Schreiner phased out its high school and strengthened its college curricula.

And in 1981 the college became a four-year institution, graduating its first baccalaureate class three years later. Only a decade after, Schreiner College was listed as one of the top regional liberal arts colleges in the western United States by the prestigious U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges Guide.

In February 2001, the Board of Trustees voted to change from Schreiner College to Schreiner University.

Schreiner University has had only five presidents in its history: James J. Delaney served from 1923 to 1950; Andrew Edington served from 1950 to 1971; Sam M. Junkin served from 1971 to 1996; and Dr. J. Thompson Biggers served from 1996 to January 2000. Junkin was named interim president in January 2000 and served in that role until May 2001. Dr. Charles T. Summerlin was named Schreiner's fifth president on June 1, 2001.